Laszlo Lukacs, Painter

Born in Hungary in 1946 and migrated with his family to Sydney Australia in 1958.

Laszlo is one of my favourite people to photograph.  I've known him for over 20 years and he becomes more interesting by the day.  It was after taking this black and white of him in my back yard way back in 2006, that I realised I had to photograph him more.


The following images are from his exhibition at the West Australia Club, St Georges Terrace, Perth, in 2011, shortly after he returned from Wales where he had been living with his (now divorced) wife.

Laszlo in his studio, 2012.  The painting he is working on here was subsequently exhibited at the Moores Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle, in 2013.  Exhibition entitled "For the Record 2013".

This image of Laszlo was shortlisted to the finals and was exhibited at the 2013 Fremantle International Portrait Prize Exhibition, Moores Building, Fremantle, West Australia.


Moore's Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle Exhibition entitled    

"For the Record 2013"