2012, South Fremantle Power Station

The old South Fremantle Power Station is an icon but soon to be demolished or renovated into living spaces. It's been unaccessable to the public for many years, but any willing and keen trespasser can always find their way in. There are different sections which must be approached from different entry points.  It is a deralict and dangerous building, with rusty walking platforms, stairs which disappear into no-where, broken glass and empty spray paint cans

 - one must enter through the west side - considered the back - or the one that faces the ocean.

The Office Block is considered the spooky area.  Tunnels lead below ground level with side-rooms and have mostly been blocked off with piles of rocks and cement.  Urban legend says that murders have been committed here and a room deep within was found to have a cupboard with children's toys and clothes.